4 Steps to Transition into the New Year Stress-Free

As the year comes to an end, we tend to translate the New Year as a chance of reform and new possibilities. Before we can focus on the idea of a “new me” we have to finish the year out strong. Although the end of year calendar may seem overwhelming with parties, projects, crowds and associated stress, you can transition into the New Year with ease.

  • Self care:  Before the clock strikes 12:00 put YOURSELF first. This can be as simple as jotting your thoughts down before bed or cleaning out your wallet to more extensive self care such as getting a massage or changing your hair cut. Keep a quick journal to check in with yourself noting what makes you happy or anxious and how you want to enter into the new year. Give yourself the best opportunity for success and be a little selfish.
  • Declutter: Make room for new things to flourish. Clean out the bookcase you can’t bare to look at, reorganize your work space for better productivity, toss out those clothes you don’t feel good in or start small and organize your shoes. Try to think of this exercise as therapeutic versus another task on your checklist. Even reevaluating your group of friends can give you clarity into the New Year. Some people are in your lives for a season and that’s okay.
  • End the Year with a Vision Board Party: Make your intentions for the new year as clear as possible. Try not to make harsh New Years Resolutions that you know you won’t commit to.  Take the time to evaluate the goals through a different approach, this could be through prayer, mediation, a vision board, or even an excel worksheet. Getting the thoughts out of your head and onto a visual space can help place things into perspective. Sometime seeing your vision or goals helps make them more tangible.
  • Lastly, Have Fun: laugh, smile, dance, sing. Whatever you do…have fun doing it. What is for certain is that this year has ended and a new one will begin.

I hope these few steps will ease your transition into a glorious New Year less stress.

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