Guide to Travel with Kids

Going home for the holidays? Or maybe a trip over school break? Try out this simple checklist to keep the kids calm and parents sane.

  1. Food ( who doesn’t love to eat )-Grab some healthy snacks to go like almond butter crackers or a baggie of blueberries. Keeping kids tummies full cuts back on the complaints.
  2. Technology ( tablet, phone, music player)-These days kids know how to work every piece of technology there is. Allow them to bring along their tables or music to help keep them occupied.
  3. Comfort ( favorite blanket, toy, jacket )-My son can play with Lego’s for hours. I only allow him to bring a few so that the trip luggage isn’t overflowing with tiny pieces waiting for me to step on however a few small toys help.
  4. Educational ( flash cards, books, homework, games)- Bring a Winter homework packet or a few good books along. At least 30 minuets will be spent without complaining.
  5. Old Car Games ( doodling, games, pictures, thoughts)-Playing old road trip games could be fun for both you and the children. I spy is one of our favorites.

Keeping the kids busy with this simple checklist will ease the stress while making your time together enjoyable. Best part of this checklist is all these items can fit in the kids bags perfect for on the go. Remember to remain sane, Keeping Kids Entertained!

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