What is Shower Me?

Shower Me is an online registry where users can shower their friends and family with functional monetary gifts. Shower Me caters to ALL special occasions. Whether you are planning a special birthday party, wedding, baby shower or even preparing for a better financial life after college, Shower Me will help subscribers start saving towards those gifts.


Who can create a registry?

Anyone 18 years of age and up can create a registry!


How do I inform my guests about my registry?

Your registry page will have a custom web address link that you can easily share with all of your friends and family or embedded into your Facebook status.



Is there a sign up fee?

Shower Me is 100% free to sign up for a basic account. Premium accounts will be available soon with a monthly fee.


Is there a transaction fee on my gifts?

Yes, the registrant will pay a one-time fee of 5% once they “redeem gifts” at close of the campaign. We’ve done our best to ensure the lowest fees possible.


What are the fees for Premium Accounts?

Yearly payments for Premium is $9.99, Premium Plus is $19.99, and Premium Plus Multi is $49.99



What’s the difference between a basic and premium account?

Premium Account has additional website features that allows customization of gifts, a longer campaign timeframe and redeemable gifts at anytime.



Can I customize or change the prices of registry items?

Yes, you can customize items on a premium account. All prices listed are just a template for you to start with. Feel free to change it to match exactly what you need.


How can I close my account?

You may close your account by selecting the ‘deactivate account’ button located in account settings. Be sure to redeem any gifts you have received prior to closing your account to prevent loss of your gifts.


How long can I keep my account open?

Your account will remain active for 1 month after your event date. You will receive an email notification to remind you of its closing and to redeem your gifts. In the event you need to extend your account longer than a month after the event, a fee of $15 for each additional month will be needed to complete this request. Failure to redeem gifts before your account closes will result in the loss of all gifts.



When and How do I redeem the gifts in my account?

You may redeem your gifts after the close of your campaign. Log on to your account settings and select “Redeem Gifts”.


Who can give a gift?

Anyone with a debit card or credit card can contribute to your registry.


How do I know when I receive a gift?

You will receive an email notification from Shower Me each time you receive a gift.


What if I don’t reach my gift goal?

You will receive your monetary donations, even if your campaign isn’t fully funded.

If you still have questions, please contact us!